Our innovations

  • Delivery by drone

    Nowadays, all means are good to optimize the distribution
    The drone has taken an important place in the possible delivery modes

    We specify that drone deliveries are used for localities that are difficult to reach by road or off-center, which are urgently needed to reduce the risk of accidents, traffic congestion and pollution. This method of delivery does not affect the job of delivery driver.

    We work mainly with local French companies for the design of the drone in order to contribute to the best use from the manufacturing process to the piloting of the drone

    Regarding our eco-responsible positioning, the drones are all electric, the dropping parachute is 100% bio degradable and recyclable

    Our deliveries are made mainly in our "CoKitchen" concept (see below in the Innovation section)

    If you want to make a promotional video of delivery by drone, it will of course be preferable to cut each step of the process during the shooting for a better result

    Know that we are from a technical point of view quite capable of delivering by drone, it only remains that the law becomes softened

    Do not hesitate to contact us for more info, to share or to start a project

  • Blockchain

    SYCTA is committed to eliminating much of the waste and associated costs, we have the ability to transfer information about deliveries to the blockchain.

    Our applications will allow buyers to gain flexibility and suppliers to be paid faster with for exmple Bitcoins or Ether without geographical conditions or currency exchange. 

    The payment management will be automated through smart contracts depending on the good delivery of a good or service.

    Our International Trade Issues:

    Associate freight flows and packing list as well as cash payments during deliveries.

    Associate to this technology, we will be able to avoid verification processes that are often very long and be validated instantaneously between the financial organizations of the various players gathered around the same distributed system.

  • CoKitchen

    What is CoKitchen ?

    The CoKitchen is a concept dedicated to restoration, based on the physical outsourcing of production (cooking) in a dedicated logistics area.

    As a result, CoKitchen allows any restaurant owner to optimize the cost and quality of its logistics by distributing the products through a group delivery service integrating geolocation.


    Who are the speakers ?

    The speakers in the CoKitchen are : SYCTA / Restaurant owners / deliverers / Consumers


    The main advantages for conservators :

    - Your fixed charges are significantly lower than a traditional snack rent

    - You do not need to hire employees for order taking, service or other

    - We provide on-site marketing and communication consultants to develop your CoKitchen

    - Coverage of a larger catchment area

    - Online Store

    - Online payment and billing system

    - Distribution of your products in any place in France

    - Provision of a reception space for your supplies

    - Cargo fleet always available


    Selling by CoKitchen, How does it work ?

    - Create your account

    - Download your menu

    - Choose your installation location

    - Customers buy your products

    - We ship products to customers

    - You receive your payment


    You will have your kitchen located in our logistics premises.

    You take care of cooking, we deliver your customers.

    Each restaurant owner has his online store on our Merchant Site as well as on our Mobile App through which local consumers can buy your products

    Once the order is ready, the order is grouped on delivery with other orders to reduce transport costs.

    The location of each delivery and the weight / volume ratio of the package are calculated by our software to assign the orders by the correct mode of transport (Bike, Scooter, Auto, Drone)


    In which case can you opt for this implementation strategy ?

    If you want to concentrate on your brand image and the preparation of your menu while under optimizing your logistics (orders and deliveries), this model of implantation is made for you


    Where to implant your CoKitchen ?

    We can deliver all over France Metropolitan territory (see conditions)

    You just need to see which SYCTA centers are close to your desired location

    You can quite open several CoKitchen in Nice, Paris, Marseilles for example while managing the raw material stock of these from your computer.

    We can offer cooks who will respect the specifications of your menus and the design of your dishes so that your structure does not have to manage employees


    Where can we deliver your customers ?

    We can deliver any residential address, public squares or picnic areas and even partner restaurants where guests can go to enjoy your meals!

Questions about our offers?

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