Your advantages

  • Interlocutors available to organize and track your shipments
  • Tools for tracking deliveries and managing your files in real time.
  • A 30-day payment facility *
  • Powerful logistics to manage the entire transport chain.
  • Quick and easy account opening
  • Exclusive and exclusive rates

Why should you entrust us with your logistics?

Access to specialized skills on operations ranging from order preparation to delivery, including return management, custom packaging or flow control
Better flexibility of the company allowing a better reactivity in an economic context in perpetual evolution (peaks of activity, enlargement of the distribution channels, ...)
Opportunity to vary costs based on physical flows
Reallocation of investments to more strategic activities for the company

Outsourcing your logistics with SYCTA you benefit from our service of constant watch on all the innovations of the sector (IT, packaging, transport).
Reduction or transfer of investment as storage areas, or a reduction of fixed costs of the company.

Lower costs and moving from fixed costs in part to variable costs.

Perception that the outsourced activity will be better known and better controlled, due to better knowledge and reading of logistics costs.
Control of logistical and transport costs that are often hidden

Specialist knowledge of the provider.

Increased flexibility and flexibility in outsourcing
The only way to reduce costs is often a reason for outsourcing

Questions about our offers?

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